How to Download Videos from Facebook 

Facebook is the most trending Social Media side across the World. Most of the people are getting linked with this site and access many images, videos posts on Facebook. Sometimes we like any image or video and we want to download it so that we can use it again. It is easy to download images and copy texts of the posts but we all get trouble in downloading the videos from Facebook. You may have noticed that there is no download or sae option for videos in the facebook. You can share these videos with your friend list or can post but you can’t download these videos into your own phone or system gallery. And if you able to download then these videos remain download on facebook not in your own gallery.

So, if you are wondering how to download facebook videos then don’t worry I will provide you all the necessary information to download your favourite videos from facebook in your system or phones and you do not need to open your facebook account again and again to watch any particular video. J

How to download Facebook videos


While using news feed of the facebook page we all came across numerous videos some videos are so overwhelming that we want to watch them again or save them in our own gallery but we are unable to do so. And after getting a lot of trouble we skip the idea of downloading the video. There are many online sites are available on which you can download facebook videos very easily. Here, are the simple steps you need to follow to download videos:


  • Firstly copy the URL link of the facebook video
  • Go to the online site and paste the coped URL video link
  • Click on the download option
  • Your desired facebook video will be downloaded on your system.

The good thing about these sites to download videos they also give option regarding the quality of the video you are going to download, like option for HD, normal quality, high quality. So, if you want to download HD quality of the video then you just need to simply click on the HD quality option before clicking on the Download button. Another plus point of these sites is that they do not charge any kind of money to download the facebook video. So, you can download videos any stress of money to spend money to download any desirable video. Just trying these simple steps you can download your desirable video from these sites which offer which are specially build to download facebook videos.


Facebook video downloader app

If you are using Smartphone and want to download facebook videos on your phone then there are tremendous Facebook video downloader apps are available on the PLAYSTORE you just need to go on the play store and in the search panel write down the facebook video downloader and you will get a list of apps which can provide you the facebook videos.


As the facebook does not provide us the authority to download videos offline like there is an option to save videos offline in the YouTube but if you are interested to download any video of facebook then you can take help of apps. One of the app I’m listing here is “My facebook video downloader” app.

  • Go to the play store
  • On the search panel write down the facebook video downloader app
  • Click on the install button.
  • After installation, click on the open button to use this app.
  • Here, you need to login again in this app using facebook email id and password.
  • You can scroll for videos and if you want to download any specific video then you can write download on the search panel.
  • Now, click on the download button, there is option to save videos in HD or normal mode SD mode. HD version consumes more data and little bit more time then SD mode.


These are few steps you can follow to download the facebook videos on the app. The second app you can use is “Advanced download manager” here again you need to download this app on your Smartphone and then in case of this app here comes the option of browser. That is you have to select particular browser like Firefox, chrome etc. to download the videos. After selecting the browser you will see facebook videos and can download videos from this app in this simple way. These apps are free of cost do not charge any money to giving you permission to download facebook apps. There are many other apps also which charge money. It’s totally up to you that you want to choose which app.


Download Facebook videos Online

There are many online options to download facebook videos. You can go for these options as well. There are many web tools available. When you search for facebook video download here comes a long list of online sites which provide the facility to download facebook videos and other stuff as well. These online sites are free of cost and will not ask for any subscription or payment before downloading the facebook videos. You just need to go to the facebook page and open the video you want to download. Once video is open you can copy the link for video. To copy the link you can simply right click on the video text of the video. After right click here comes the option of copy URL, you can copy the link from here. The second way to copy the link is perform the right click step on the date and copy the URL link from here. Once the link is copied go to the video download online site and paste this link over there. Some videos are in HD mode. So, there will come the pop-up asking for downloading video in HD or SD mode. Select the mode you want to and then click on the download button. You will get your desired facebook video downloaded by applying these steps.

Download Private facebook videos

There are lots of public videos available on the facebook which anyone can save very easily. But in some videos people have put privacy so that any unauthorized person can’t have authority to download there videos. To download such kind of videos it becomes a difficult task as the facebook did not give permission to download private videos. And I stated above the public videos can be searched very easily and you can download them by just simply copying the link. But in case of private videos you can’t apply the same steps as you will not be able to download facebook videos in this way.

Well, it is possible to download private facebook videos also. Just need to go for the sites which give the option to download private videos. Steps to be followed by you to download facebook private video is as listed below:

  • To download private videos, people have put privacy on their videos so for this purpose; firstly you need to open the source code of the private videos page of the facebook.
  • Right click on the link and here comes the option to open source code.
  • You need to copy the whole source code of this page
  • Open the private facebook video downloader
  • Paste the entire copied source in the box and click on the download option.

You will get your desired video downloaded.  So, to download the private videos you need to get source code not the URL link. The good sites to download private facebook videos is “fbstuff” you can take help of this site for this. And there are many other sites as well. You can go for them as well.


My video downloader for facebook

My video downloader for facebook is an app which you can use to download the facebook videos. You just simply need to go on the Play store and write down the name of the app “my video downloader for facebook”. And then click on the install button to download this app on your phone after that in this app you also need to login again using facebook id and password. This app consists of all the videos which you used to watch from your facebook page. In your facebook page when you want to save or download the videos there is no option available for this. But when you are watching the videos from this app. Here, comes the option of download as well. Well you press the video or long tap it here comes the option of download video also. You can click on this option and download that one particular video on your phone. This is one of the most popular and recommended app in the play store to download facebook videos. And it is also free of cost. Some apps in the play store are chargeable but this app does not charge any money and you can simply download videos from this app.

How to save facebook videos to iPhone

To download facebook videos to iPhone there are many apps available in this app store as well. You can simply download the “My Media- File Manager” app for this purpose. My media app once installed. You can download videos from this app for your iPhone as to download videos in iPhone varies from the steps to download videos in the android. Android play store provides authority to apps with no security feature and that’s why people go and opt iPhone over android. There is no My video downloader for facebook kind of app available in the play store of iPhone that’s why I recommended you “My Media” app option.

Steps to follow are:

  • Install My Media app.
  • Open your facebook account.
  • Open the video you want to download.
  • Copy the link of the particular video
  • Open the app and choose any browser from this app
  • In the browser paste the copied link of the video
  • Video will start playing and here also comes the option to download the video in this browser
  • Here come two options to download the video that is HD mode or SD mode.
  • Select the desired mode and click on the download button.
  • You will get downloaded the desired video n your iPhone.

How to save facebook videos to phone gallery

Sometimes when your internet does not working on the fast speed and you want to watch the videos on facebook take a lot of time and then you think to download these videos you came to know that there is no such option facebook has provided to download the videos. No doubt you can save the videos online on the facebook account but you did not able to watch these videos offline or your phone gallery. In this case you can follow the instructions listed in this section “how to save facebook videos to phone gallery”.

To save facebook videos in your phone gallery you just need to copy the URL link of the video and open it in the browser. After copying the link into the browser, you will find out the save option in this. Just need to simply click on the save or download button by long press on the video and you will get this video downloaded on your Smartphone gallery. Facebook does not give us direct authority to download these videos as you get in case of photos and text post. In case of videos you to need follow these tricks.


These are some tricks and solution for those who want to download the facebook videos but are not able to and wondering over different sites to find out the steps to download facebook videos. I hope the information I have shared in this article will be beneficial for you and by following these simple easy steps you will be able to download the desirable video on your system or Smartphone (Android as well as iPhone).

Download Videos from Facebook without using any software

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