How to download YouTube video

You might want that the technology should be available all around. Regardless of whether you’re outside on a run, voyaging someplace via plane, or in a bistro with restricted wi-fi usage, you would prefer not to stop what you’re doing on the off chance that you keep running into connection issues, particularly in case you’re really busy viewing YouTube recordings.

In that case, you should learn how to download and save YouTube videos.

To download the video you need to go to that YouTube video. Open your web browser, go to and there you’ll find the YouTube video you need to download. To check if it is the right video, you can start playing it.

  • There is an inquiry bar at the top to search for the video, use it in case if you are experiencing difficulty finding the video.
  • Just before, you need to write vd in the address bar. To do so you need to tap just before the part of the video’s URL in your browser’s address bar and include vd.
  • Press Enter button. This goes to the site you simply changed in the address bar of your web program.
  • Tap Download. This opens a drop-down list of menu with various quality alternatives.
  • Whatever quality you want to have for the video just click on a download quality. Your download will begin automatically. In the event that you need both sound and video in your video clip, ensure you don’t click one of the choices that has a “x” by the speaker icon.
  • mp4 hd720p is the most astounding video organize accessible from that has both sound and video. You can download the video just (without sound) at a higher quality.
  • It all depends on your browser’s settings, if you’re looking to save it you might need a folder to save your downloaded video file to, and afterward click Save before you download will start.


How to download YouTube music?

Are you a music fan? Do you want to rip some music from YouTube, however doesn’t want to download the video? There are many distinctive YouTube ripper services out there, and keeping in mind that a large number of them will get the job done, the one we’ll cover in this here are apparently the most basic and easy to use of the services. Continue reading to figure out how to download music from YouTube in only a modest bunch of simple steps.


Before we begin however, it’s critical we include a little disclaimer: Ripping sound from YouTube is a break of YouTube’s terms of utilization. That implies Google could block your account over it, in the event that it noticed and chose to make a move. There are approaches to get music from YouTube without disrupting the norms, for example, with Google’s YouTube Red administration — so we prescribe you think about that first. All things considered, continue with caution, knowing very well indeed that what you do could get you in a bad position with Google.


There are various online tools which can be used for ripping the music from YouTube videos, however Ddownr is one of the top choice. It has a clean and basic interface, and it provides on-site guidelines which are anything but difficult to use. There are a couple of speedier websites out there, however this one is user-friendly, promotion free and doesn’t drive you to click through progressive pages, that it’s our go to site for this sort of service.

Stage 1: First thing you need to do is to  copy video’s URL you want to save from your web browser’s address bar.

Stage 2: Open another tab and go to Ddownr’s landing page. There you’ll paste YouTube URL into the field marked “Insert YouTube URL here” choose your picked sound or video format, and click on Download button.

Note:  You can download full playlists by using this tool. In the event that you need to do sp, tap the machine cog symbol to include data about it.

Stage 3: That will consequently hop you down the page to the Download data area. Sit tight for the video to convert. It can take a short time to convert the video.

Stage 4: When it’s all done you can tap the Google Drive button to save it there, or look down to the Download Now area. Tap the Download Now button and you’re finished!

YouTube Downloader HD

HD YouTube videos are on tap at whatever point you have a internet connection accessible, yet there are a lot of events –, for example, when voyaging – when you’ll be compelled to go disconnected. Gratefully, with a little forward arranging and the correct software, it is possible to download any videos you are keen on so you can watch them even when you are not in a wi-fi zone.

There are various kind of tools are available to download videos from YouTube, however here we have mentioned the software that let you download the best quality.

4k Video Downloader

It is recommended to download videos only if you have consent from the copyright holder. Unapproved downloading is against YouTube’s terms of administration.

As the name recommends, 4K Video Downloader, this tool is used to download videos from YouTube at up to 4K quality. There are no confinements on download speed, so you can totally maximize your internet connection, and you can pick between saving in MKV, MP3 or 3GP formats.

Does the video you want to download have subtitles? If not, these can be downloaded too, and 3D and 360-degree videos are also supported. Actually, you’re not in any case restricted to simply YouTube – various sites, for example, Vimeo and Daily Motion are additionally supported, and there are renditions of 4K Video Downloader accessible for Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you need more, you should need to consider moving up to the paid-for versions of the software. This will help you to download playlist with subtitles and in excess of 25 videos, or download whole channels. In any case, for the people, software with no cost will be okay, and the restrictions are exceptionally minor in the fantastic plan of things.


YouTube video downloader free download

A basic, yet compelling approach to get HD YouTube videos for free, yet remember that the video clips you have downloaded will be watermarked and speed limits apply

Free YouTube Download, from DVDVideoSoft, is an incredibly simple HD YouTube downloader tool, however despite everything it gets the job done – with no undesirable additional items or other messing about.

Having discovered a YouTube video you need to download, you need to copy the URL in first place, startup the program and just press the paste button. Tap the video quality that has been consequently chosen for you, and you would then be able to pick the quality you’d like to have – as far as possible up to 8K UHD if you need.

There are a couple of things missing that you can just do if you move up to the paid version, these are not available for free version. Updating the tool results in speed confine, as well as disposes of the video watermark that shows up on downloads.


There’s likewise playlist support in case you want to pay, however in the event that people have no issue with the watermark – will be catered by the free version of the software.


Download YouTube videos mp4

There are various tools available on web which makes it possible to download the YouTube videos mp4. Below we have mentioned our favorite tool which will make your work easy.

aTube Catcher

You can download mp4 HD YouTube videos easily by using this bonus file conversion.

aTube Catcher wouldn’t win any excellence challenges, however what it needs in looks, it more than compensates for in usefulness and convenience.

This is significantly more than only a video downloader; it additionally offers the choice of changing over videos formats, copying video CDs and DVDs, catching local video, resizing recordings, and bunch handling.

Be that as it may, what we’re keen on here is the software’s ability to download HD content from YouTube – and aTube Catcher does this extremely well.

First you need to paste in a URL, at that point utilize a drop-down list menu to pick the way you might want to save the video in. In case you’re occupied with the superior quality format, simply leave the ‘No Conversion (Only get original document)’ alternative chose before clicking Download. You would then be able to pick the exact quality you need.

And also YouTube, aTube Catcher is compatible to an extensive variety of other streaming video locales, influencing it to definitely justified even despite an attempt.


YouTube video downloader for Android

YouTube enables some videos to be saved offline but utilizing any outsider services to download YouTube videos is against their norms.

If you want to download a video on your android phone, or in the event that you don’t feel the YouTube official application helpful, there isn’t any official YouTube downloader available in the Play Store. Nonetheless, there are various outsider offline and online tools, out of which we have mentioned the best tool.


Videoder is an effective YouTube video downloader tool for Android. You can browse different sites to download and save the videos, for example, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. It permits downloading of videos in all configurations accessible. You can without much of a stretch browse any quality you want to have, and can likewise share the video via the application. The application can be customized and accompanies a great UI. It enables you with a speedier downloading  and furthermore packs distinctive themes, night mode, worked in video player, and so forth.

Videoder isn’t accessible in the Play Store, yet you can download the application at free of cost from its official webpage and then install it on your android phone. It has no in-application buys yet contains advertisements. Be that as it may, you can evacuate the promotions in the event that you purchase the Videoder Premium module from Play Store.


Android download YouTube videos

Below we have mentioned the best downloader available in the market which will make your android phone to download YouTube videos –


TubeMate is a great Android video downloader third-party application. It has an exquisite interface which is anything but difficult to utilize, and you can download videos from different video sharing locales. It accompanies an inherent program where you can get to the sites you need. You can download the video from the any site you want.

TubeMate likewise offers you the alternative to pick the quality and also you can get any format of the video before downloading it. The downloaded videos are saved in your android phone memory consequently. You can pick to download Youtube recordings in MP3 as well, however it requires an extra video to MP3 converter application. TubeMate is an astounding video downloader for Android, however you need to manage many ads which keeps flying up from time to time.


Tutorial of download YouTube videos in mobile

There are lots of alternatives for downloading with a window application. Not all are free, but rather some are. A paid-for one we especially like is YouTube ByClick. In the event that you need a free alternative, you should go for WinX YouTube Downloader. This will pester you to move up to the full version which incorporates transformation to different formats (counting MP3), yet in the event that you can endure these, it is available free of cost.

The procedure is for all intents and purposes indistinguishable to utilizing a site: you need to copy and paste the URL of the video into the application. At that point you pick any choices, for example, the resolution to download, at that point press the Download button. Most applications enable you to develop a rundown of videos and after that download them in one go. Some even make you possible to paste in a YouTube playlist and download all the videos automatically.

Method to download YouTube videos in pc (Computer)

In spite of the fact that a lot of YouTube’s videos are just charming viral clips you could live without, there are various you’d need to watch, regardless of whether you’re some place with a frail or non-existent Internet connection. Regardless of whether you need to save a music video so you can tune in to the song whenever you need or get a whole video that somebody posted, it’s anything but difficult to download YouTube recordings and save them for offline review for later use. Here’s the way to download YouTube videos on your Windows PC.

  1. At first you need to download YTD Video Downloader and then install it on your PC.
  2. Explore to the YouTube video you need to save, utilizing your program.
  3. You need to launch YTD Video Downloader if it’s not effectively running.
  4. Copy and post the YouTube URL address from your program into YTD’s URL field.

As a matter of course, the video file will get saved as in a MP4 format and live in your Documents folder of C drive. Be that as it may, you can change the area of the download by tapping on the folder beside “Save to.”

  1. Tap the Download button in YTD.

The program will demonstrate the status of your download. It could take from a couple seconds to a few minutes to download, depends on the length of the video.


How to save YouTube videos on iPhone

There is no way to download for you to save YouTube videos to your iPhone unless you have bought into YouTube Red, a membership service that makes you to save YouTube videos for offline review.

The free application called Documents 5 can be helpful to download the videos from YouTube. Check how this YouTube video downloader functions.

Stage 1. At first launch Documents 5/6

Download Documents 5/6 from App Store. After installment, launch the YouTube downloader on iPhone.

Stage 2. Go to

On Documents 5/6, click the bottom right symbol that looks like the Safari symbol (a compass). At that point, it will show a web program where you can type “” on its inquiry bar. Tap on the “” link.

Stage 3. Get URL for Youtube Videos

You have to get the URL address of the YouTube video that you need to download. There are two approaches to get the URL:

Launch the YouTube application on your iPhone. Check the video you need and hold up until the point when any advert has completed the process of playing and the video begins. Tap on the video to demonstrate the controls and after that click the “share” icon. You would then be able to click “Copy Link”.

Open Safari and go to Check the video that you need, press and copy the URL address.

Stage 4. Download YouTube Videos

Come back to the Documents 6/5 application. Click in the white box to choose it and paste the URL that you have replicated in the box. You’ll see the video of various formats and different resolutions and so forth.

Pick the quality and format that you need. Tap the “Download” button by your favored quality. Click “Done”.

Stage 5. Save Downloaded Video to Camera Roll

When you’re done with downloading, you’ll see the video in the Downloads document of the Documents 6/5.

You can spare this to your iPhone or iPad’s Camera Roll (not the local Videos application, tragically). To do this, navigate to the video, tap Edit > Move and select Camera Roll as the goal. Presently you can simply make a beeline for the Photos application and watch the video.


How to Download music from YouTube on Android

Without gambling and uncovering your Android gadget to potential malware APK documents, you can visit from your web browser.

So as to download music from YouTube, you have to visit the site without having any sort of Adblocker (else it would neglect to download the Mp3 documents).

You need to copy the link of YouTube which you would need to download as a Mp3 document and paste it into the field given. Tap on Change over to without setting different choices available.

It would require a couple of seconds relying upon the server and your Internet speed. After it is finished converting, you will get a Download choice.

Tap on “Download” to begin downloading the music from YouTube to Android.


Way to save YouTube music

Here we have discussed a technique to download music from YouTube. Be that as it may, it is an effective technique where you get the opportunity to control a lot of the conversion from video to music (Mp3 record).

online video converter lets you physically change the Audio quality for conversion. Here, you can convert the video into several audio formats.

Moreover, you can likewise set the length for the required music files to be changed over from YouTube.

You simply need to enter in the YouTube URL (change the settings in the event that you need) and afterward tap on start to begin the process. After the transformation procedure, tap on “Download” or sweep the QR Code to begin downloading the music document.

How to download youtube videos using ss

This is so cool method which simply make sense of and it works impeccably to download any YouTube content which you like and would need to save money on your PC for later utilize when disconnected.

So, here is the manner by which you can download youtube recordings utilizing this “ss” technique.

a). Visit Youtube and simply play any YouTube content which you find helpful.

b). Play the video and keeping in mind that it’s as yet playing simply go and type ss i.e. “ss” in the url of the video subsequent to leaving http://www.

c). Click enter and this thing would remove you straight from YouTube to another site where you will get a group of alternatives to play with.

d).Pick your video document compose and configuration of the video and click the download and the video will get downloaded on your pc at free of cost.


Advantages of utilizing this “SS” –

  1. It’s allowed to utilize for free.
  2. No such danger of losing cash there.
  3. It can be use to download any youtube video.
  4. You will find this ss technique superb as it works on YouTube efficiently as well as on other video sharing sites.
  5. Downloading video by simply writing “ss” in the video url is somewhat cool.


Downloading YouTube videos on safari

Not all sites provide video at high quality. In the event that you need to see downloaded flv documents with an application that doesn’t bolster Flash, or watch them on your iPhone, you should change over them. There are an assortment of approaches in the market.

Video Monkey ( ) is one of the free tools among them. This is an application that obtains intensely from the cherished however now-suspended VisualHub. Once you’ve downloaded a motion picture utilizing one of the techniques portrayed before, simply launch Video Monkey, transfer your motion picture into its window, and pick the output gadget or video format you need to utilize. Video Monkey provides batch conversion and incorporates a quality slider. It can likewise add your changed over motion pictures to iTunes when it finishes its work.

Here is another way to download YouTube videos on Safari which includes 6 simple steps –

  1. Download ClickToPlugin Safari Extension.
  2. The expansion should begin downloading. After the download has finished, open the ClickToPlugin extension. Then, you need to open and install it in Safari.
  3. Now, you will see ClickToPlugin installed in the Extension tab of Safari Preferences.
  4. When you tap on the button “Click this checkbox to get to the settings”, there a rundown of HTML5 conversion contents recorded for different famous video locales will appear.
  5. Go to and ensure you are not taking part in the HTML5 trial. In the event that you are, leave the trial.
  6. You now simply need to right-tap on the video you want to download and another menu will pop up which has the choice “Download Video”. Simply pick that choice to download video and watch it download to your PC.

Download Youtube Video without using any software

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